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“PICO” lounge chair fuses the past and the present. It strives to achieve a minimal, yet sculptural form through the exploration of the constraints and opportunities of tradition wicker weaving. Its design starts as a vertex that slowly extends, comfortably surrounding and embracing the human body. It is a light, stackable seating option, blending with the landscape, while breathing fresh air.

Designed by Miguel Soeiro and handcrafted by Fernando Nelas. “PICO” is the result of a residency program organized by Passa Ao Futuro within the context of their exhibition “Hundreds of Baskets – A sustainable technology for the 21st Century” at the Popular Art Museum in Lisbon.

wicker weaving chair – wicker lounge chair

Dimensions: 140 x 100 x 75 cm.

By Passa Ao Futuro | Esporão.

“PICO” lounge chair fuses the past and the present

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